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Brazil new oilfield will give numerous great possibilities to the oil discipline producer in China

January 31, 2014-China-From the current information of which can be the official web-site of Hengtong Petroleum Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd, CNOOC bid tender of Ribera block oilfield exactly where found outdoors the state of Rio Sonneratia Santos Basin in October, 2013. The place on the oil block region is in excess of 1500 square kilometers which is the world's largest offshore oilfield. This is the 1st time which Brazil government decided to adopt legislation to exchange crude oil distribution procedure franchise process. With the assistance of this opportunity, the oil field products producer like Hengtong Petroleum Machinery have presently acquired momentum and meant to use this round of exploration to find a lot more company options in Brazil.

In order to entice much more investment, Brazil's Santos oil and gas fair will likely be officially held to appeal to adequate variety of polish rod bop producer from other countries. This fair might be held in Brazil Santos Mendes Convention and Exhibition Center in April 2014 from 8 to 11, which can turn into the most beneficial possibility for world's famous oil field products. There exists the accuracy prediction from professional agencies: Up to 2017, the oil production-related investment for Santos area will reach to $ 7.five billion. This attracted variety will ultimately attract more and even more customers across the world.

Brazil Santos fair which will be held in this kind of a vast prospects oil and gasoline market place is bound to develop into Brazil as well as world's most critical oil and gasoline specialist exhibition. In the news of manual tongs, so that you can support Chinese enterprises for oil area equipment occupy a big number of opportunities, the Brazilian Santos Oil & Gasoline Exhibition 2014will singly opened special region for Chine oil area equipment. This will build convenient and effective communication platform between China supplier and Brazil purchasers.

It is understood that there will likely be also added two special small fairs for Chinese exhibitors during the 2014 exhibition. These two meetings are the fair between Chinese enterprises managers and purchasing manager from PETROBRAS which can be Brazil's largest national oil company. The other meeting is between the China suppliers and FIESP which is the so-called Sao Paulo Industry Federation. However, this should be the excellent information for each China oil area equipments manufacturers and suppliers.

With this exciting information, the international trade manager of Hengtong Petroleum Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd has previously said that they will prepare adequate to successfully grasp this chance. They have full confidence to get great chance in this honest as their high quality products have currently widely accepted by any of their clientele throughout the globe.

About Hengtong Petroleum Machinery Manufacture

Hengtong is the most qualified supplier of China about the oil field gear. Our main products include: series of oil (gasoline) wellhead gear, well control gear, drilling tools, pumping tools, handling tools, API 6A valves etc.

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