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The wonderful 6 hours working rechargeable led perform light from CLSA£¬the greatest preference for do the job and enjoyment.
January 24, 2014-Australia- Anyplace get the job done is acquiring done high-quality light is normally a prior concern, will there be adequate, how will it get into this narrow spot, etc. CLSA is launching a series of enhanced high electrical power rechargeable and moveable www.clsaled.com.au to resolve these issues.


Ordinarily people today use standard do the job light with a standard substantial power halogen bulb and plugs into normal 240v, but what should you should be far from a electrical power supply or do not need to possibility burning by yourself. Using a large functionality Samsung battery powered LED T8 tube solves all these challenges. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts six hrs on a single charge. So far it has longest operating time after a full charge among led rechargeable floodlights. It allows you for being unplugged and by utilizing LED technology it never gets too hot to touch.

The IP65 water proof housing with rubber handle and top guarantee a strong weather resistance no matter you are fishing or repairing a car in emergency. A super bright COB LED behind a strong anti-shock tamper glass to illuminate anything it's put up against.

With it, you will never be bothered to change the fragile halogen bulb again after an unexpected fall down to the ground. For fishing and camping lovers, a more peaceful environment will be given because the led emergency light can attract much less insects than common halogen bulbs.

It comes with a cigarette car or truck charge and a certified 240V adaptor. It is perfect for many applications, such as night constructing, renovating, camping, night fishing, cave adventuring, emergency repairing, and so on. It¡¯s really a good tool in your vehicle boot for multi-purposed usage.

Please visit the website for more details. http:qa//www.clsaled.com.au/

About Creative Lighting Solutions Aust. Pty. Ltd

CLSA (Creative Lighting Solutions Aust. Pty. Ltd) is an Australian Organization, specializing in higher good quality?LED lighting products and solution services. CLSA wholesales LED lighting products to the public online or direct factory outlet.?It offers NOT?ONLY?products BUT ALSO lighting solution services.?CLSA¡¯s engineers can also offer customers the bonus service of analyzing illumination level and light distribution through 2D or 3D rendering models for the new led light application.

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